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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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About This Course

Objective: This course will give students an understanding of the principles and practices of business intelligence and data analytics to support organizations in conducting their business in a competitive environment, in order to support better business decision making and capture new business opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Students, on successful completion of the course, will be able to:
  • Explain the concepts characteristics of BI and data analytics
  • Describe multiple business problem/decision making domains requiring BI and data analytics
  • Apply BI and data analytic tools and technologies to develop BI applications
  • Integrate BI applications with other information systems as part of a business process
  • Define a BI strategy for an organization
  • Manage a BI project for an organization
  • Describe big data analytics and applications

Course Outline:

Introduction to Business Intelligence

  1. BI Definition
  2. BI Concepts
  3. Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science
  4. Business Intelligence to Support Decisions

Data Warehousing for BI

  1. DW design
  2. Multidimensional data modelling and analysis
  3. ETL process
    1. III. Categories of Data analytics: 1. Descriptive Analytics 2. Predictive Analytics 3. Prescriptive Analytics IV Descriptive Analytics 1. Descriptive Statistics 2. Business Performance Management 3. Data Visualization and Dashboard Design V Predictive Analytics 1. Data Mining (Text Analytics and Text Mining, Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics) 2. Predictive Modeling VI Overview of Prescriptive Analytics 1. Optimization 2. Multi-Criteria Systems VII Technical Aspects 1. BI Architecture 2. BI Tools and Technologies VIII BI Applications 1. BI Maturity 2. BI Strategies 3. BI Project (case study) IX Overview of Big Data 1. Big Data Analytics 2. Example of Big Data Applications


Data Modeling and Management Data Modeling and Management.

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